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We believe bubble tea is a true foodie experience and not just a sum of its parts. That is why we go to extra lengths to make all of our ingredients from scratch (see how many bubble tea shops do that!). Let’s start of course with our Tapioca pearls………………..


Our Tapioca uses 100% tapioca flour, this is really the key to getting the right texture or as Taiwanese people call it “Q”. “Q” or “QQ” refers to the chewiness and softness of food, it is seen as soft but still containing a bite and us boba chefs strive to get the right amount of Q in our boba – neither too chewy or too soft. To do this we use nothing but pure tapioca flour as opposed to potato starch or other starches used for increased stability. Another important step is how you cook your boba. At Sugar and Spice we love dark dark sugar and molasses and this is what we will cook our boba in before putting them in the drink. This deep flavour compliments the boba well adding a flavour that is not only sweet but also rich and deep. 

Quality Taiwanese Tea

For our market stall we have chosen Assam and Jasmine to compliment our tea recipes. Assam for our sumptuous bubble milk tea and jasmine for our fruity and refreshing fruit tea. So give up your breakfast tea for a while and try some of the best loose leaf teas Taiwan has to offer!

Taiwanese Knowledge

So we have our tea, bubbles and fresh milk and now we need to put them all together using recipes and quantities that Ms. Ying, our Taiwanese expert, in the best way possible. We like to make our tea part of the drink creamy but still with a strong tea taste to really encompass the essence of milk tea. Be warned, this is not British tea with milk, this is milk tea (there is a big difference!)

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